Kakhovka City

In 1492, Columbus' ships reached the coast of America. The same year on the slopes of the Dnieper and the Turkish Crimean feudal fortress was founded Islam-Kermen. Later it became a city Kakhovka, which is located in the geographical heart of Kherson region and sincerely welcomes you to visit it.

Located in the lower reaches of the Dnieper, Kakhovka was one of the centres of the local trade. At the local pier, built in 1820, traders bought up and float along the Dnieper forest. From the northern provinces came here pottery, fabric, yarn. Through it Chumaks were carrying Crimean salt. At the beginning of XIX century. here twice a year were held large fairs, which were collected over 10 thousand people at a time.

During the Crimean War of 1853-1856 through Kahovka went Russian troops and militia who followed to Sevastopol. In the town were set up warehouses for supply of troops, hospital. Wounded were placed in peasant huts.

Now, as before, Kakhovka rich in beautiful places. But the best of them is certainly the embankment of Kakhovka’s reservoir. Here is the active construction of shops, cafés and roadside service facilities, are forming modern parks and business activity zones.

However, Kakhovka can affect you not only with its beauty. This is one of the industrial centres of the Kherson region. Local plant of welding equipment produces high-quality cutting-edge electric welding technique that successfully competes in the global market and is delivered in almost 80 countries.

There are working and other companies - plant for repair of diesel engines, experimental mechanical plant. A local company «Chumak» is a vivid example of prosperity of the Western investments to the Kherson land. Established by a citizen of Sweden Carl Sturen in the first years of Ukraine's independence, «Chumak» for many years have been a strong and stable brand, well known to millions of consumers.

More than 15 years in Kakhovka annually was held international festival «Tavria Games» which glorified the city far beyond the territory of Ukraine. To participate in the festival Bad Boys Blue, Deep Purple, Dr. Alban, Run DMC, Bomfunk MC's, Mo-Do came in Kahovka.

Visit Kahovka – city, which appeared simultaneously with the discovery of America, and sometimes presents itself to the world!

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