Kherson City

If you want to visit the city with a special aura of love and romanticism – come to Kherson. Its special atmosphere associated with the history of creation – the city appeared on the orders of Catherine the Great and was founded with General Field Marshal, a favourite of the Empress – Grigory Potemkin. Kherson in their destiny played a special role. Designed as the southern capital of the empire (there was even built a mint), the city became the keeper of secret love of Catherine and Potemkin – a feeling that makes it easy to cope with impossible and inspiring at the greatest things. Who knows, maybe it played a role in the successful and dynamic campaign to expand the southern borders of Russia. It is said that St. Catherine's Cathedral of Kherson was made rite of baptism of daughter of the empress and Potemkin – Elizabeth Tiomkin, who later married the Grand Duke Constantine Kolaheorhi (as vice-governor and governor of Kherson in the years 1809-1816). It is also interesting that and Potemkin’s granddaughter – Anna Lutkovska was the wife of the governor of Kherson – Alexander Erdelyi (1874-1890). Potemkin called Kherson the city of his dreams and commanded to bury himself here (tomb-vault of Potemkin is located in the Catherine Cathedral).

Come to Kherson – visit its old fortress (in construction of which is used techniques of Templar buildings) and go along the picturesque promenade of the city, where, in addition to modern pleasure boats and yachts, you will see a stone statue of the first 66-gun ship of the Russian Empire «Glory of Catherine». Here you will learn that Kherson was the cradle and the first base of the Black Sea Fleet (now the city continues this glorious tradition: here there are river and sea port with year-round navigation, as well as large enterprises with shipbuilding and repair, producing modern vehicles).

Take a walk through the city, which has always been a tolerant home to various nationalities and religions. In the cosy streets of the old centre always peacefully lived as neighbours Greek, Polish, German, Jewish quarters, peacefully got along synagogue, Greek temples, the Polish Church and the German Lutheran Church.

Enjoy the special sound of Kherson, which combines jazz overtones of street radio, bright patterns melodies of street musicians, festive extravaganza of many street festivals – fire-shows, salsa-marathon, rock duel, poetry competitions, costumed processions, carnivals! Look inside to admire the starry sky in the oldest and the only planetarium in the Southern Ukraine (one of 5 in Ukraine). Visit the classic academic and experimental modern theatres. And city museums are waiting for you – thousands of exhibits of Local History and Art museums, including the unique instances of avant-garde art (born in the Kherson region), Museum of Modern Art, Department of Rare Books of the Kherson Regional Library (which are rare folio, manuscripts, miniature books) .

Today Kherson, of course, has a modern look with concomitant infrastructure, but all this got no power over the special atmosphere of peace, tranquillity and a sense of unusual love of life that must remain in your heart forever...

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It makes me sick to know how many folk don't think they need culture, just rpsceet' and so bash everyone elses. The Uk was a model for America on how a few peoples could have differing lands and cultures and tounges yet be a Union when they wanted. Everyone seems to be setting upon Mitt because he wants to reach out to Anglo Saxon roots. You'd think that America would be just the place to form traditions, what with it having so much culture to draw upon. The rest of the world is looking to you America and is losing rpsceet for what you are becoming. You are just throwing your chance to be a nation with a backstory and some core cultures to build on away.

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