Have you ever been attracted by brightness of soffits? Have you ever felt yourself as an actor? You should visit a unique corner of the nature that looks like lively illustration of romantic travels, adventures and, of course, love…

You are invited by Khorly, an amazing «white peninsula» connected with the continent by a land strip and covered by tender velvet of fragrant steppe feather grass. Crystal iodized air, the clearest waters of the Karkinit bay that can warm you from May till September; curative mud, blue clay and hot springs are waiting for you. At the entrance to Khorly you will be met by a two-meter’ fountain of unique silver-charged artesian spring.

Coming here you will find yourself in an absolutely different dimension: time is flowing slowly, no one hurries anywhere. Khorly is a kingdom of wild swans and exotic plants, cozy summerhouses buried in orchards where you can even settle!

It is no wonder that two centuries ago Baroness Sophie Falz-Fein chose this place to create her own «small state». This very state where upper and lower classes could harmonically coexist and everybody enjoyed life regardless his social status (the Falz-Feins were the first colonists who had left native Saxony because of being attracted by romantic spaces of Ukraine. Thanks to them Kherson steppe saw a unique preserve «Ascani-Nova», a big port located in Khorly and many other things).

Do not deprive you of visiting Khorly, a place where a fairy-tale touches reality like tender surf removing any bounds. This is the place where you can play a role you always dreamed of!


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