Interesting facts

1. Kherson region - a unique natural complex, the most ecologically clean region of Ukraine. Number of sunny days in a year exceeds 275. The extensive output of the region to the Azov-Black Sea Basin and Dnieper waterway, creating an acceptable level of humidity.

2. Kherson region - is the only region of Ukraine, which is washed by several seas - the Black and Azov, and man-madeKakhovka’s sea and salt lake Siwash. In the region are 19 large and small rivers, and the most extensive irrigation system in Europe, an area of which is more than 400 hectares.

3. Kherson region has about 2 million hectares of agricultural land and most arable lands in Ukraine. The region is on the 1st place by growing vegetables in Ukraine, there is collect more than 13% of all vegetables and melons of the country. In 2011 was collected a record grain harvest - 2.5 million tons. In the Kherson region collects a record harvest of tomatoes - 110 tons per hectare (this is 6 times more than harvest of tomatoes in Ukraine and 1.5 times the yield of tomatoes in California, where climatic conditions are ideal for their cultivation.)

4. Kherson region is rich in mineral and construction minerals - limestone deposits are present here, loam, clay, sand, rock phosphate, bauxite and peat. Maritimes region's territories are in the oil and gas areas in the South Ukrainian - on Arabat Strelka is developing gas field.

5. Region's industrial complex consists of more than 220 companies from various sectors: food processing, engineering and shipbuilding, electric power and metallurgy, light, mining, chemical and petrochemical.

6. Transport sector in the region includes 900 kilometers of railway tracks, 3 sea and 2 river ports, two airports, two international transport corridors and 4 roads of national importance. The total length of roads in the region is over 5000 km.

7. Kherson region has unique the rapeutic and recreation opportunities.

8. In the area with a population of over 1.1 million people in a mutual understanding live representatives of more than 115 nationalities and ethnic groups, different faiths and cultures.

9. The education system of the Kherson region consists of 26 universities, 69 vocational schools, and 570 educational institutions. Annually by educational institutions produce 800 master's degrees, 9.5 thousand specialists and six thousand applied specialists.

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