Ivan Aivazovsky

(Real name Oganes (Hovhannes) Aivazyan)
(1817 – 1900)

 The famous Russian artist, seascapes, battle painter, collector, philanthropist.

The most famous Armenian artist of the XIX century. Brother of Armenian historian and priest Gabriel Aivazovsky.

There are no person who would not know the name of world-famous Russian artist, Armenian descent who was born in the Crimea, Ivan Aivazovsky.

Favourite theme of his works was the theme of the sea. Directly at the request of Kherson landowner Sofia Faltz-Fein were written several marinas in the last years, when several years Aivazovsky visited luxurious white palace of Faltz-Feins’, in the village Preobrazhenka (Krasniy Chaban, Kherson region.)

The pride of the collection of Kherson Regional Art Museum of A. Shovkunenko – a real Aivazovsky’s work of art "Storm coming," which is on permanent display.

There is a picture "Sea," that came in an Art Museum with a collection of former art department of Kherson Regional Museum of history.

In pre-war collection of Kherson city Museum was one of the few portraits painted by Aivazovsky – Portrait of Mrs. Sokovnina.

Was in Kherson the artist himself, it is not known, but he painted “Canes on the Dnieper nearby Oleshky" (Oleshshya – old name of modern Tsurupinsk). It is also interesting that in the beginning of the century Kherson newspapers mentioned Aivazovsky’s paintings at the first exhibition of Kherson Society of Fine Arts.

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