Ivan Shulga

(1889 – 1956)
Russian and Soviet painter (Ukrainian origin), graphic artist, teacher, master of thematic paintings, portraits, landscapes and still lifes.

Ivan Shulga was born in the village Mykhailivka, 30 km from Skadovsk (at the time – Krasnyanskaya parish, Dneprovsky district, Tavria province of the Russian Empire, now – Skadovsk district, Kherson region of Ukraine).

During these years he painted in Kherson many talented works, "In Askania-Nova. 1917," "On the ferry across the Dnieper" 1919, "Victims of intervention in Kherson," "In the village Zburyivka in Kherson region," "Near the pier. Winter. Kherson" 1921, "The port Skadovsk" and many others.

He also worked in newspaper and magazine graphics, created postcards, calendars, political posters, illustrated books. He made a great contribution to the development of Ukrainian national art. Honoured Artist of the Ukrainian SSR (since 1946). Honoured citizen of Skadovsk (posthumously). A member of the CP(b) since 1948. Included in "One Art top 10,000 best artists of the world (XVIII-XXI centuries)" and the list of 100 most outstanding artists of Ukraine.

His life and work cut short suddenly. He died of pneumonia April 23, 1956 in Kiev, where as a delegate participated in the 2nd Congress of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. He was buried in Kharkiv at the city cemetery.

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