Ivanivka district

Welcome to the land of fertile land and real heroes, capable of self-sacrifice in the name of saving the lives of others – Ivanivka district, located in the extreme east of the Kherson region.

If many settlements of the region were established by immigrants from other countries, so the Ivanivka appeared in the 20s of XIX century by immigrants from neighbouring villages – Velyka and Mala Lepetyha, Belozerka, Shulhivka. Settlers tried to settle here through vast fertile land, which also constitute the main wealth of the district.

In the district are necessary conditions for the processing industry, whose products are in demand. It presents butter and flavouring factories in Ivanivka. In the long term - the revival of cotton growing.

In Ivanivka district was born hero of the Soviet Union, Lieutenant Victor Kibenok. He was among the thirty fire-fighters who died, the first who tamed fire at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In his 23 years he boldly stepped to the fire, which covered the roof of the 4th reactor. He pulled out in places where others have not kept strong radiation and falling on the hot asphalt roof, which melted under their feet. Victor Kibenok eliminated fire for 35 minutes by cost of his life.

Being in a Moscow hospital, he told his friend and neighbour of the chamber: "Perhaps we do not go with you from here, but that night I experienced the best moments of my life...». In honour of fellow heroes, and to the 20th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine in the village Ivanivka was opened the Alley of heroes.

The district is located in Great Ahayman lowland – Interesting for connoisseurs of nature wherever water in melting snow and rains flows. Here birds find refuge from all over the South of Kherson region. Ahayman lowland in almost three times greater than similar place in the Chaplinka district – Askaniya lowland, which is the subject of pride of local residents.

Visit the Ivanivka district – home of one of the true heroes of our time.

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