Kalanchak district

Welcome to the Kalanchak district – trade gates of the Kherson region, whose commercial relations with several countries of Western Europe began over a hundred years ago.

The local ancient settlement dated III-II millennium BC. About ancient life you would be told by the burial mounds of the Bronze Age. During their excavations revealed a unique worship with three anthropomorphic ceilings and burial of the Scythians, Sarmatia’s and nomads of X-XIII centuries.

The main characteristics of the area are presence of the port, cattle and great natural resources. The port, located on a peninsula in the eponymous village Khorly, was founded in 1897 on land of landowner Sofia Faltz-Fein. The value of the port is not difficult to assess because it was it which contributed to strengthening trade position of the Tauride edge in the international arena.

In 1907, from here to England, Greece, Germany, Italy and Holland was sent to 2.2 million tons of cargo. In those same years, there appears Branch of the Russian Bank for Foreign Trade, Customs launched. In 1903, during the construction of the port of Khorly workers were laid park where established statue of Italian master, purchased and imported from Italy by landowner Faltz-Fein.

Kalanchak district is a great place for families. There will have their pleasure as admirers of the sea coast, and connoisseurs of more active rest. Today in the district fully functioning bike tourist route, visiting which you can fully merge with nature and experience an unforgettable excursion.

Visit Kalanchak district – one of the ancient territories of the Kherson region, which is always open for new acquaintances.

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