Kamenskaya Sesh

Kamenskaya Sech is the only one where in the 21st century have survived three major components: kosh (huts, treasury, the main square), suburb (production workshops, houses, taverns for Cossack), Cossack cemetery (with a unique and grave mound of ataman Kost Gordienko). As a result of this research was provided important information for the reconstruction of historical and architectural monument (in contrast to most of the early Seches this one had not circular, but the direct form of planning). More than three thousand artifacts found here are stored in the collections of the National Reserve. Kherson, Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye regions are closely linked with the history of the Ukrainian Cossacks. Exactly in these regions of Ukraine are all 8 Cossack’s Seches. Visit Kamenskaya Sech - touch with ‘free Cossack’s spirit, ' which gives a unique feeling of inner freedom!

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