The Cossacks in Kherson region

Welcome to boundless Tavria steppes (Kherson region) sparingly keeping spirit of Ukrainian Cossacks who played a great role both in establishing Ukrainian statehood and developing democratic values.

Here you will know that in XVI-XVIII centuries Cossacks created the necessary prerequisites for forming a new progressive model of public system on the south territories of Ukraine; that very system set ideals of freedom, equality and democracy over against villaining and totalitarism.

Cossacks defended Ukrainian people from Tatar and Turkish aggression, implemented a new form of management with guarantees of free labor and private property. The Cossack Siches always kept the code of “rights and liberties”: old people were respected and honored, people were loyal to friends and honest with the enemy; offenders were publicly punished; robbery and treason were punished by hanging.

Kherson region is a special land keeping remains of two last Cossack settlements, Kamenets and Oleshky siches located in Bereslav and Tsiurupynsk districts, respectively. This is the territory where Cossack moved after troops of Peter the First defeated Zaporizhia Sich. This is the very place where world outlook ideas of the Cossacks, tested by the time, became actually clear and served as foundation of the first European Constitution, “The Constitution by Pylyp Orlyk”.

You will also know that the Constitution (written in 1710) was an agreement between the hetman of Zaporizhia Sich, Pylyp Orlyk, the Starshyna and the Cossacks. It was signed by a commander of a Cossack camp and founder of Kamenets and Oleshky Siches, Kost Hordienko, on behalf of the whole Starshyna and the Cossacks. The Constitution was approved by the Swedish king Karl XII. A Ukrainian original of the Constitution is stored in Moscow, a Latin variant is stored in the National archive of Sweden, the latter variant was found in a clay pot during excavators (the sample is supposed to be granted to diplomats of European states).

This is the first Constitution in the world, it appeared 77 years earlier than the Constitution of the USA and 81 years earlier that the Constitution of France. Jumping the time a “pillar stone of legal thought” declared principles of constitutionalism and law and order. The Constitution declared Ukraine as a democratic republic with domination of elected legislative and executive bodies. It was a manifest of the state will of the Ukrainian nation to the whole world.

These were Cossacks who brought spiritual perfection, an example of prevailing public interest over the personal ones, into Ukrainian national mentality. They were sincerely in their beliefs that interests of Ukraine were the most important. They valued desire for freedom and free state more than their own lives. They did not think of themselves, they were ready to die for an idea, freedom of Ukraine.

Visit Kherson region, feel glorious Cossack spirit and touch the secret of genome of Ukrainian nation.

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