Kinburn peninsula

If You would like to see how the paradise on earth looks like – come to the Kinburn Peninsula (Kherson and Mykolayiv region). What else could be compared with a place, where swans, cranes and hares freely jump into Your hands, a heron haughtily makes researches in Your bags, and wild animals indulgently watch for their children coming and making friends with You.

In this place You will touch a great number of legends of the Land of Gods. Exactly there resided brave, invincible and beautiful amazons, for continuation of their gender mating with neighboring folks (bellicose Sarmat tribes appeared as a result of it).

Kinburn Peninsula was the best training place for Achilles, the greatest hero of Trojan War. Here You can see the sacred groves of goddess Hekata (ofmoonlight), which every August is ready to charm You with «great starfall»: at this time the sky, like curtains, is descending to the peninsula and millions of star diamonds are dropping on velvet waters, making sea to burn.

This sacred place has the natural protection: endless sands and absence of roads (tocome there one can only with off-road car or a boat). Thanks to this inaccessibility You can meet marvelous spaces of primordial world here with it’s abundant fauna – knowingly the temple of goddess Demetra (the goddess of
fertility) was built exactly there.

Here you can wander along steppe burned by the sun, enjoy the purest sand beaches, salt and fresh lakes, hidein shadowy green forests from heat. You can find remains of Scythian kurgans, Turkish fortifications and Cossack settlements.

You will see a huge variety of fishes, birds, plants (about 5 thousand species of animals, including 100 species registered in the Red Book); the only one in Europe and most beautiful wild Orchids Valley. It is said that Persephona (Demetra’s daughter) was charmed just by their beauty before being stolen by Aid (the god of the underground world).

Moreover, coming here you can visit Kinburn haloid lakes (they served as salt source for many European countries for a long period of time)andremains of Kinburn fortress that will surely tell you about numerous deeds of the Black Sea Cossacks.

In 2009 the peninsula became a place for creating the national natural park; local area of water has a water and marsh land of international significance since 1995.

You are invited to the Kingdom of Great Natural Law where vanity of civilization is powerless and everyone comes to himself.


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