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You are invited by a unique edge, which harmoniously combine the cultural traditions of different eras and nations.The pyramids of the Kherson region are waiting for you - mysterious mounds that hold the memory of the ancient nomadic tribes of the Celts, Cimmerians, Scythians, Sarmatians, as well as the secrets of the militant Amazons.

In Kherson you can feel the spirit of the legendary Hellas - the endless steppes of the northern Black Sea region will tell you how Achilles trained here and Hercules regained his strength.

The ancient land hides ancient cities - policies, remains of the largest port city of Kievan Rus – Oleshye, fortifications of the Tatars, Turks, and Lithuania principality. This is where you can get in touch with the unique ‘Cossack genome’ of fearlessness and freedom, visiting the remains of the Kamenskaya and Oleshkovskaya Seches.

Regional centre (Kherson city) will tell you the story of its emergence as the southern capital of the Russian Empire, as well as demonstrate the remains of Kherson fortress built by example of the Knights Templar castles and which keeps many secrets in the maze of underground branched tunnels (some of which even the remains of the Mint).

In the development of Kherson land was attended representatives of almost all European countries - immigrants from England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Poland, Hungary have introduced their culture here and lived in the world, helping and respecting the traditions of each other. In Kherson were located five consulates (Italian, French, German, English and Consulate of Bali). Governor of the region since the early 19th century were Greek - Ivan Hristoforovich Kalageorgi, a Frenchman - Emmanuel Franzevich Sen Pri (after this became a Pen in France), Swede - August F. Komstadius, German - Vladimir Ivanovich Pestel, Hungarian - Simon A. Erdelyi. Kherson was always respectful and tolerant to people of different nationalities and religions. The central street of the city (Suvorova), walking along which you can enjoy today, began with great Lutheran church (not preserved). Next was the Assumption Cathedral (restored).

In front - located Old Believer church of the Blessed Virgin Mary (now Square with a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary). Next was built the largest in the south of Ukraine Synagogue (now the building of a planetarium). In front - a Roman Catholic Cathedral (valid today). Today's Kherson region continues its proud traditions: you are invited by the most multi-ethnic region of Ukraine: from 130 nationalities living in Ukraine – in the Kherson region you will be able to meet representatives from more than 115.

Live in harmony representatives of Orthodox, Catholic, Greek Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Scientology, Hare Krishna, which in turn interact respectfully with atheists. Visit the Kherson region, enjoy a wonderful cocktail of many cultures, after understanding the taste of which you will master the secrets of good understanding of art of mutual understanding!

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