Matveev Eugene

Matveev Eugene
(1922 – 2003)
Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, film director, screenwriter.
National Artist of the USSR (1974). Laureate of the USSR State Prize (1978). Member of the CPSU (B) since 1948.

Eugene Matveev was born March 8, 1922 in the village Novoukrainka of the Skadovsk district, Kherson region.
Little Zhenya was very impressed with his first seen play, and he decided necessarily to become an actor. To this end, he not only took part in all forms of amateur, but decided with the consent of the mother to leave school and go to Kherson – a city where there was a real theater.

Cast path began with small roles. But everything has changed the meeting with M. Cherkasov, who advised the young talent to study at A. Dovzhenko.
Eugene Matveev was not just fulfilled his childhood dream, like a true master of his craft, he has helped many talented people to fulfill themselves. For many years Professor of All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (RSIC), Eugene Matveev supervised acting workshops. His workshops completed such actors as M. Vavilova, V. Riz’ka, V. Shevel'kov, A. Gusev, A. Kuliev, and many other actors working in theater, film and television, both in Russia and abroad.

He was buried in the Novodiviche Cemetery.

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