Mykhailo Zhuk

(1883 – 1964)
Ukrainian modernist painter and poet.

Mychailo Zhuk was born in the town of Kakhovka in the Kherson region in a family of worker-painter.
Modern art historians point out that Mykhailo Zhuk was one of the best exponents of modern trends in the Ukrainian painting.

Myckailo Zuk worked in many fields of art. He carefully studied the national pattern, so that reconstructed it and created his own, by which one could decorate the way of life. In the national spirit he designed fabrics and ceramics. A number of landscapes, transformed into ornament flowers still life, decorative panels show that Mykhailo Zhuk reached deep understanding of folk art.

Mykhailo Zhuk is the author of the first Ukrainian collection of sonnets.

Under his leadership, began actively studying of folk art. Mykhailo was real educator of youth, and his erudition, culture and broad outlook clearly marked in shaping the views of his students. Mykhailo Zhuk was sure that no connections with the professional art and folk art undermine creativity and leads to the appearance of various formalist tendencies and cosmopolitanism. His pedagogical principles do not lose their value to the present time.

A new wave of interest in his work came after his death. It turned out that his apartment kept painting and graphic arts, literary publications and unpublished manuscripts, engraving boards and painted ware. In a short time all were sold to museums and private collections, and then began to appear at trade shows, was the impetus for intensive research and publishing. The second opening of the artist and man has happened. 

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