Mykhailo Andrienko-Nechytailo

(1894 – 1982)
A talented Ukrainian artist, writer (writer-novelist), scenographer.

Was born in Kherson, and graduated from gymnasium. In 20ies emigrated abroad. From 1923 to 1982 lived and worked in Paris. Participant of art exhibitions in Kherson and abroad.

Was born in a family of provincial secretary, Earl F. Nechytailo-Andrienko. Soon the family moved to Kherson. From 16 years of age, show landscapes at exhibitions of Kherson Society of Fine Arts. After graduating the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg University in the 24-year-old came back to Kherson, and then moved to Odessa. Two years later illegally crossed the border with Romania.

He wrote critical articles on art and aesthetic observations and stories. Were published in émigré publications (magazines "Renaissance", "New Journal," Munich Ukrainian magazine “Suchasnyk” ("Contemporary", etc…). In the questionnaire for the Museum of Modern Art called himself a "stateless person of Ukrainian descent." For years was a friend with S. Sharshun.

Creative life ended in 1978 because of complete loss of vision.

His works are presented at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the National Library in Vienna. His work is highly appreciated, both at home and abroad.

Andrienko buried in the cemetery of Saint-Genevieve-des-Bois.

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