The Seas of Kherson Region

The azure seaside of Kherson region is inviting you, which has got ready for you the open Black Sea, more shallow and warm – The Sea of Azov and miracle Dead Sea!

On the Black Sea seaside (resort towns Jeleznyi Port, Lazurnoe, Skadovsk, Horly and others) you will see the best conditions for rest: warm soft climate, great distance from industrial enterprises, medicinal air, abundance of different fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, which are being grown in resort towns near holiday hotels and bases.

For you is the variety of active rest: the sails on yachts and boats, diving, wind-surfing and paratourism, ride in different water-parks, catamarans, scooters and others. For the lovers of exotic – the travelling on the desert island Djarylgach. For the fishing lovers – water bodies of the Sea of Azov (in which the amount of fish is greater than in the Caspian Sea, the Baltic Sea, and the Black Sea)! For the one who wish to strength their health – a great number of well-known health resorts!

If you want to have a rest with children – the world-known children resort Skadovsk with the very shallow sea (you have to go more than 2 km. by sea to the depths) and clean and limpid water (through which you can see the bottom and sea dwellers) is waiting for you. And still the Arbatskaya strelka with the beach that has no equal in the world. For you are – sandy spit which is more than 100 meters, not deep warm sea (you can take sea bathes even if you can’t swim at all).

At this very place you can try amazing healing power of the Dead Sea of Ukraine. The unique bay Sivash is waiting for you. There are only five salt water bodies of such scales (its area is more than 2000 sq.km.) and such medicinal power (which has healed many people) on the globe. And for you not to be bored in evenings – cafes, bars, restaurants, disco-clubs, strip-bars, night amusement park riding are waiting for you.

Present yourself the unforgettable rest into the tender embrace of azure seaside of Kherson region.


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