In Kherson Region a Medieval Settlement Is Being Build

Ukraine's first museum of living history "Oleshshya" is located on the territory of the eco-park "Vsioho Svoho" in Kherson region. The museum will show the diversity and peaceful coexistence of "steppe", "Slavic" and "Scandinavian" cultures that were typical of the South of Ukraine back in the Middle Ages.

The idea of creating a museum belongs to two brothers - Pavlo and Aleksiy Biletskiy who for many years were engaged in the reconstruction, clothes and weapons of our ancestors. In addition to the overwhelming desire and interest, ideological inspirers of the Centre of Living History "Oleshshya" have accumulated vast experience in the reconstruction of the past. "Oleshshya" always carries out a variety of events and projects, develops a program of excursions in Kherson, Kherson region and the country, conducts natural history tours throughout the water mazes in the lower reaches of the Dnipro River; prepares electives and crafts mugs for schools. Enthusiasts of the Centre own the exact reconstruction of the medieval boat in Ukraine.

Biletskiy brothers took part in various reenactment festivals in Europe. There they met with the form of the organization of the museum of living history and decided, why not make something like that in Ukraine. Later, they have found allies in the person of the eco-park "Vsioho Svoho" director Natalia Sheiko and agreed to place the museum in the park.

"We want to prove that history can be fun, lively, and interactive. History can be touched and tried on. After visiting the museum, everyone will see how our ancestors lived, what kind of life and craft they had. We were wondering what was going on in our territory many years ago,"- says Pavlo Biletskiy.

Museum will open its doors on 24-26 May. The team of organizers had daring idea: if to discover a strange object - to do it unusual. It will take place in a medieval form with restricted access to the benefits of modern civilization. The guests will be re-enactors from different cities of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. All participants will be divided into three social groups and three "families," and after two days of total immersion in medieval weekdays will wait for them.

There are about 65 such museums in Europe. For Ukraine it is something new, because the museum has great potential. In addition, the living history museum entered EXARC - European Association of open-air museums. Now we can say that in Kherson we have the most northern museum of history in Europe.

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