Mykola Tseluyko

(1937 – 2007)
Lead artist on Kherson cotton mill.

When he was 28-year-old, after the Lviv Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts majoring in "Artistic design of fabrics," Mykola Tseluyko was sent to the city of Kherson. Here continuously 42 years until his death he worked as first artist-dessinator, and leading artist in Kherson cotton mill (KCM) – the most powerful textile enterprise in the USSR.

He "created patterns for jacquard and curtain and drapery fabrics, making creative use of motifs of Ukrainian folk art and sketches from nature." Application of patterns in mass production was impossible without consideration and approval at the first Art Councils in Kiev, the Ukrainian Institute of Light Industry, and then in Moscow at the All-Union Institute of Light Industry. Such views were held three times a year. During work on KCM Mykola Tseluyko created hundreds of square meters of sketches, by which were made hundreds of thousands of square meters of fabrics.

He was a member and regular participant of competitions of Scientific and Technical Society of Light Industry, took prizes. He was one of the initiators of the development of sport souvenirs for the World Universiade, Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980.
The work on KCM Mykola Tseluyko combined with teaching: he was Head of undergraduate practice of students of LSUDCA (Lviv State University of Decorative and Craft Arts), in the second half of the 90's was a senior lecturer of design of Kherson State University of Technology.

A separate part of the colorful heritage of Mykola Tseluyko is his painting. The artist painted with tempera and water colors on paper. The vast majority of his paintings were created from nature: he took sketchbook, board, sheets of paper and went sketching. Painted very quickly in one step. He often went to the creative business travels. Sometimes, already in the studio, made repetitions of his own works.

MykolaTseluyko tragically died October 31, 2007, was buried in Kherson.

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