Mykola Skadovsky

(1846 – 1892)
An outstanding artist, who left his contribution to the painting of not Kherson region only, but also to the world treasury of masterpieces.

Mykola Skadovsky was born in the village Belozerka of Kherson province (now the regional centre of Kherson region) in the landlord family (founders of Skadovsk).

Creativity of Skadovsky began a new phase of painting around the Tavria region, attracting the attention of fans far beyond. In 1890 Skadovsky became one of the founders of the Society of Southern Russia artists that had a clear realistic platform.

Works of Skadovsky distinguished by its genre.

With great sympathy, with good-natured smile M. Skadovsky drew images of peasants. Further study of village life led the artist in the second half of the 80ies to creation of the big picture "Autopsy of dead body."

Mykola Skadovsky was a great draftsman, had a highly sophisticated skill. Changed technique depending on the creative task. He had the favourite motifs of sketching: squat Ukrainian house, stables, picturesque courtyard with peasant implements, bazaar, pier with boats...

In 1892 the artist participated in organization of exhibitions to help victims of crop failure.

He died suddenly from unknown at that time disease on 46-year life, failing to implement his creative ideas. "He was in full bloom of years - wrote obituarist - until the last minute did not leave late hope to live and work..." (Odes. Bulletin. - 1892. - June 13).

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