Novotroitsk district

Welcome to named after the church, calm and balanced Novotroitsk district with extremely fertile land.

The mention of the first settlements in this area relates to 1816, when there was Tartar aul Sarabulat. In 1860-1861 years the tsarist government decided to land settlement, in which there appeared peasants from Chernigov province, and 30 families from neighbouring areas. The name of the district and administrative centre received from the Holy Trinity Church, built in the area at the dawn of its modern history.

Novotroitsk district is located in the steppe zone. In harvest years makes so much grain as the three Baltic countries combined. It can provide a lot of medical wormwood-grass since its germination occupy space here in the territory of more than 450 hectares.

Edge invites you to participate in folk festivals and conducting various ceremonies. Traditional for area are festive evenings, meetings and spring holiday of Ivan Kupala. Being on the territory of the Novotroichy district brings feelings of calm, comfort and balance, which may disrupt unless fans of only in the Kherson region rural professional football club «Peace» («Myr») from the local village Hornostayivka. In addition to the team «Peace» to attend matches of Ukrainian professional football league in the Kherson region is possible only in two major cities of the region – Kherson and New Kakhovka.

Be sure to visit Novotroitsk district that will impress you with its colour!

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