Nature of the Kherson region

You are invited to visit the most ecologically clean region, which by its natural and climatic conditions among the best areas of the world, and in which is a surprising combination of the most unique phenomenon.

Waiting to meet you the only European desert, the largest artificial forest, endless steppe, which was never touched by the plow, more than 700 kilometers of coast of the Black and Azov Seas, handmade Kakhovskoe sea, salt lake Siwash (the healing power of which is not inferior to the Dead Sea), the largest uninhabited island in the Central Europe. For you - therapeutic salt lakes, curative mud, mineral deposits and thermal springs, a giant natural inhalation of the coast, enriched with ozone, iodine and aroma of the steppe grasses.

In the Kherson region you can visit the five nature reserves of national importance - these ‘open-air museums’ will give you endless expanses of steppe with small islands, sand dunes, warm lagoons, oak forests, birch trees and the cleanest sea. On protected lands of paradise you will be able to meet the American bison, kaffir buffalos, saiga (ancient ungulates, peers of mammoths), llamas, Scottish ponies, wild horses, mouflon, ostrich, emus, camels, antelope, deer, pheasants, peacocks, pink pelicans, black- seagulls and a lot of swans. Here you can be a witness of a unique ‘natural eclipse,’ when thousands of migratory birds completely cover the sky. For you - a great blossoming steppe landscape with a fiery carpet of red poppies, silvery waves of velvet feather grasses and the heady bouquet of wild orchids.

You will find unique Dnieper delta marshes with many small rivers and creeks. For you - the fabulous beauty of porcelain white lilies with a stark diamond dews on it, mirror lakes, whispering reeds, unique scent of the river, untouched nature of the islands. And in the most beautiful forests and aquatic lands amateurs of hunting and fishing will find many varied fowl and fish. Come to the Kherson region - give yourself a heavenly pleasure from contact with the pure energy of untouched nature!

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Виталий / 24.07.2013 00:51
Почему самая экологически чистая область. Неужели наша самая чистая?

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