Sergey Polunin

About a talented dancer Sergey Polunin from Kherson in his native city, alas, not everyone knows. But abroad, he is a real star: the soloist of the London Royal Ballet Covent Garden, the man who entered the list of the most famous people in London and is compared with the legendary dancer Rudolf Nureyev.

Today Sergey travels the world; perform in America, in Japan, then in Switzerland.

Sergey’s father Vladimir Polunin says that Sergey was only 10 years old when he went on his first overseas tour - to the Japanese city of Kyoto. And in 13 years, Sergey went abroad - to London. He didn’t know the language, lived there alone.

When he was still in Kiev, mother accidentally read on the Internet about the School of Dance at the London Royal Ballet Covent Garden in London and sent a tape with her son. It was a piece of improvisation, which Sergey pointed to enroll in the Kiev School. He then danced to the singing of Luciano Pavarotti, and then one of the teachers said, it was so good that on the exam she had tears streaming down her cheeks.

Sergey is among the four most capable graduates (at the time of his studies, he won 5 times Grand Prix at the international competitions, in 16 years was considered the best junior of the year in England) who were invited to the Royal Ballet of Covent Garden.

The first Sergey’s teacher in dance - Galina Shabarshina - and now teaches at Kherson.

Twice a week she is engaged with students in a small classroom in the basement of a multistory apartment building.

The first impression from the meeting with Galina Shabarshina: fragile, modest woman. It’s hard to say, that her teaching experience – 28 years, and among her students – a huge number of celebrities. It turns out that these are the soloist of the Kiev Opera House Miklyaeva Svetlana, and a well-known mime, choreographer Boris Borisenko, successfully performing to the world, as well as soloists of the St. Petersburg Eifman Ballet Alina and Arthur Petrov... And now, when the disciples went away for a long time, Galina can enjoy their first steps, the first victories: here, in the basement, is an old VCR and is kept a box of cassettes from 10 to 12 years old. They were captured, including a 10-year-old Sergey Polunin.

This story - yet another proof that dreams come true, but patience and a little effort! Kherson region again amazes the world with its people: hardworking, talented, ambitious, who are in love with life.

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