Tkachenko Volodymyr

(Was born in 1972)
Russian composer and poet. Co-founder and permanent member of the "Underwood" band. By profession – a doctor anaesthesiologist- resuscitator

Volodymyr Tkachenko was born in Kherson, where he received his primary education. At age 19 he entered the Crimean State Medical University, where he met with Maxim Kucherenko, with whom they formed a group "Underwood" at 5th course. After graduating from institution he came back to Kherson, and the group temporarily disbanded.

In April 2000, Tkachenko took a desperate act. He moved to Moscow, where he decided to continue his musical career. Recorded on a tape a few songs with a guitar, he met with renowned producer of "Snegiri Music" Oleg Nesterov. Repertoire interested Oleg Nesterov. He suggested producing of a group.

Already in May 2002 Volodymyr Tkachenko and Maxim Kucherenko presented the audience their debut album, "Everything will pass, my dear" in Moscow and Kiev. Group have released for six albums. Singers and more are going to continue to please their audience with their creativity.

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