Each country has its own distinctive features of service. Everbody knows an incredible politeness of service workers in Japan, or unobtrusive European service. An active service of the East and Asia means that it’s easier to buy a thing than explain that it is not necessary for you.

In the Kherson region (as in the Ukraine as a whole) in that respect, you may be surprised. There everything depends on mood. First of all, on mood of representatives of service, as their sensual perception of life does not give them the opportunity to separate work and a private life. And your mood can help you appreciate the piquancy and originality of service.

Also representatives from service don’t know any formal politeness or «studied smiles». Instead they have a soulfulness and history of relationships with everyone whom they serve, even if it lasted a few minutes.

They put the whole soul in their work; they see not a client, but person in everyone. Cases when a seller or waiter of a roadside «bistro» dissuaded a client to buy not quite fresh goods are frequent - contrary to all the laws of business, following the laws of conscience.


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This is way more helpful than anytihng else I've looked at.

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