Velykooleksandrivka district

Located on the left bank of the Ingulets river and on the far north of the Kherson region, invites you to visit Velykooleksandrivka district. Being a typical agricultural and invisible at first sight land, have something to surprise its guests.

Here, as in most districts of Kherson region, people lived long ago. Confirms it a local discovery of stone axes of the Bronze Age (II millennium BC). In the fields of Velykooleksandrivka district preserved many mounds – coevals of Egyptian pyramids.

In 1888 in the village Starosillia was built Church of St. Nicholas in the Rus-Byzantine style. The temple is unique for its monumentality and expressiveness. And now it fills with the spiritual power the residents and visitors of the district.

Last century the area joined to participate in the development of scientific and technological progress. It is on its territory was one of the first hydropower plants on the river Ingulets, which was built in 1928.

In 2011, the district distinguished among other by opening in one of their villages - Novodmytrivka – Historical Museum. Museum appeared at the initiative of the local school principal.

One of the business cards of the Velokooleksandrivka district is a systematic craft of fairs. Already in 1901 there was a lot of workshops used for the manufacture of wagons and sleighs, tin products, garments. And still area is famous with craftsmen of wicker weaving, manufacture of leather goods, painters and embroiderers.

Once come to Velyka Oleksandrivka you will always remember its big house of culture. Located in the heart of the village, it is a true cultural center of the district. It learns to play musical instruments, singing, get acting skills almost all pupils of local schools.

Visit Velykooleksandrivka district, without which Kherson region would never have been as it is now.

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Syed / 28.02.2012 06:51
Great common sense here. Wish I'd thgouht of that.

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