Velyka Lepetyha district

If you are from France, you should know that Velyka Lepetyha district owes its appearance to your former compatriots. Historians show that in the late XVIII century tsarist government has allocated two noblemen – emigrants from France, lands near Lepetyha beam. One of them received land on its eastern side. Here in 1792 appeared Velyka Lepetyha.

For more than IV millennium until the French appearance, in these lands people lived also. These are the findings of clay figurines of Tripoli culture (IV-III millennium BC), the remains of the two settlements of the Bronze Age (II – the beginning of I millennium BC) and later Scythian burial (IV-III century BC). During the Zaporizhzhya Sich in place of the current Velyka Lepetyhy were winterers of Cossacks, who were engaged in fishing and agriculture.

Village Velyka Lepetyha and district in general are one of the highest level of planting in the Kherson region. In the village there are 4 parks, recreation, children's well-appointed beach on the Dnieper.

In the early twentieth century in Velyka Lepetyha there were 65 commercial enterprises with turnover of up to 600 thousand roubles per year. Every week in the village were going to bazaars, two fairs each year, where arrived peasants from surrounding villages. Now in the district centre is one of the largest elevators of regional significance. Farmers not only from the Kherson region, but also from surrounding areas are preferred to it.

In the centre of the village Knyaze-Grigorovka at vast Dnieper hills stands the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin. Built by unknown artists, destroyed by lightning, because the church was wooden. September 17, 1998 in its place appeared a new church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin.

Velyka Lepetyha district witnessed the birth of civilization, and still is French in origin. Is not it great reason for you to come here once?

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