Verhny Rohachik district

One of the least, and wonderful remote districts of the Kherson region is Verhny Rohachik – welcomes you. It belongs to those areas in which more than once settled different tribes, and left the memory of memorable tracks.

Here, both on land and in the Dnieper water, crossed Cossack’s and Milky Ways. More recently, during regular excavations (near the village Pervomayivka) was open new "Scythian woman," whose origin is not currently known. Excavations carried out continuously, so you can not only see surviving monuments, but also to join the archaeologists.

If you did not have to happen to visit mysterious places, if you did not feel a particular energy of nature, so Verhny Rohachik district may give you this experience. Here is the Sacred mountain, on top of which the Scythian tribes came together in battles for the right to own it. In this mountain villages have repeatedly tried to build (especially during construction of Kakhovka’s reservoir), but none of them stuck. A mountain and by now is the reason for legends and stories, for what it is called and the Devil, and Cursed.

The present descendants of the district continue the tradition of previous generations, reviving folk crafts. There are opportunities for cognitive work, and for good rest. The best place for this is Rohachik’s Bay o fthe Kakhovka’s reservoir. From here continue along the Dnieper you can reach the Black Sea and the major cities of Ukraine. Nature lovers will be able to drink pure water, which flows just from the ground.

Hospitably meeting you, village Zelene will allow you to get into the wonderful world of wildlife. It was here in early 2011 opened the zoo, which became famous in the territory of the whole Tauride province.

Connoisseurs of the heroic past of the Ukrainian people will be interested to visit the cave of the Great Patriotic War, which was dig for concealing of soldiers and intelligence exercise.

Without doubt, Verhny Rohachik district with ease and pleasure will surprise you. Just let it do it.

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Wow! Great to find a post with such a clear messgae!

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