Vyacheslav Mashnytskyy

(Was born in 1964)
Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, the founder of the Museum of Modern Art in Kherson, founder of the Kherson Regional Charitable Foundation of Polina Rayko.

Was born March 21, 1964 in Kherson.

Creative slopes of artist are very diverse. The process of artistic inquiry topics and phenomena not limited to painting. Vigorous creativity is always new and interesting for him. It helps to comprehend national origins and accumulate pan-cultural experience.

Expressiveness of his creative energy makes constantly expand not only beautiful themes, but also social activities. In 2004 Vyacheslav Mashnytskyy opened in Kherson private Museum of Modern Art, in 2005 – founded Kherson museum.

The artist himself with these words describes his attitude to art: "Of course I love to draw. Many of the laws of painting, which were taught me my teachers D. Pawluk and V. Shatalin, becoming clear only now. It is clear that art is hard but exciting work.

A special place in my work takes Kherson projects.

In addition to group exhibitions, it’s also solo - "Props," "Painting", "Outskirts", "Repair". Moreover, organization of exhibitions with other artists, allow me to improve in curating-exposure craft, which extends as a means of creative expression and social circle of talented people."

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