"Ecology, Environment and Nature"

Mykola Kostyak's article , which was included to the book "Ecology, Environment and Nature," which was presented at the International Environmental Forum "Environment for Ukraine" (was held on 24-26 April 2012 in Kiev).

Speaking of environmental issues, environment and natural resources we proceed with the understanding that at present the relationship of man and nature were stalled. Humanity refers to the planet as a non-living resources of the utility that you can use consumer-short-sighted. Dynamics of anthropogenic overload exceeds the natural features of nature to heal itself and causes global changes. In turn, the adaptive capacity of the human body to changing habitat also is not unlimited. Pathological changes in nature lead to physical and spiritual degradation of humanity and cause irreversible changes in its genotype.

Kherson regional government determined a major priority of the territory to find a balance between current and future needs of society and opportunities of the environment and the harmonious resolution of economic, environmental and social problems.

That is why in 2011 we started the project, which increases the competitiveness of Kherson region. The competitiveness of the region is a high standard of quality of people’s life and qualitatively new understanding of competition. This is a transfer competition between individuals, organizations and products in competitive processes for improvement through the exchange capacity and energy for the creation of joint values. To provide the dynamics of the region we use synergies, bringing together government, business, science and the public. Similar approaches can create a cohesive team of trust and respect, integration of knowledge, experience and work which provide a powerful impetus to increase the competitiveness of Kherson region as a whole.

Pursuing the development of strategies for sustainable development of the region based on investment-innovation model (in the framework of the International project "Competitive Kherson region"), we proceed from the understanding that humanity, being an integral part of nature on the one hand requires a quality environment of residence, on the other - carries direct and powerful impact on its quality.

World at a crossroads - to continue the path that will certainly lead to devastating environmental disaster, or select a conceptually new way of civilized development, based on achieving harmony between Man and Nature. This is the way of transition of the biosphere into the sphere of reason - the noosphere. This is the way in which Mind takes responsibility to Nature. Gradually there is greening public awareness, greening of the material and spiritual life of society. Relations between human, society and nature will become harmonious, which will inevitably lead to the subordination of short-sighted political and economic interests above human values.

The main objective strategy for sustainable development of the region is greening the economy of the region, development of environmental infrastructure, which will correlate all other needs. The system provides greening of infrastructure and preservation of ecological balance, rational and scientifically reasonable use of natural resources, eliminate environmental gap needs of economic complex. Action of the program is aimed at achievement of environmental excellence, which consists of productive use of resources and minimizes the negative external effects.

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