History of the Kherson region

You are invited by land, the story of which begins its countdown since the beginning of civilization. Covered with legends, sacred land of Gileya will tell you the story about the life of peaceful Celtics and Cimmerians, the legend of the appearance of the militant tribe of the Scythians: Hercules, returning after the tenth deed was in these lands, he was seduced by the girl-snake, and as a result was born his son Skif, from who appeared all the Scythian kings.

Unique steppe of northern Black Sea region will tell about the grand tribe of Amazons, who were not afraid to engage in battle with the Scythians and often defeated them (near Kakhovka was found buried female leader of the Amazonian tribe). According to Herodotus, the tribes of the Sarmatians who appeared later in these lands, are Scythians and Amazons descendants. Only here you can see a unique world-class heritage - mounds: the ritual sacred spaces in which the peace have found chiefs of nomadic tribes. Secrets of the mounds, which are not yield by their energetic force to Egyptian pyramids and Stonehenge druids, are not disclosed until today.

The land of the Kherson region cherish the pages of its history - only here you can go on the road ‘from the Vikings to the Greeks,’ to get to the excavation of the Greek city-colonies, to go in search of the biggest port city of Kievan Rus, to travel back in the reign of the Mongol-Tatar and Lithuanian principality, visiting places of fateful battles with the Turks and Tatars. Here you will find that the land of the Kherson region became home to the association of the free Cossacks (in the region you can visit the remains of the Cossack Seches) - Grigori Potemkin, respecting the courage and wisdom of the Cossacks, adopted the best ideas and introduced them into the Russian army (for example, thanks to Cossack trousers tight trousers of the Russian army turned into breeches).

Welcome to the edge, which witnessed the ‘miracles of diplomacy,’ when as a result of negotiations between Crimean Giray Khan and Catherine II, lands from the Bug to the Dnieper peacefully passed to the Russian Empire. You are invited by the Kherson region - the cradle of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Empire, the main stronghold of the expansion of Russia against the Ottoman Empire, the land of valiant deeds and glorious victories of Generalissimo Alexander Suvorov and Admiral Paul Jones (the national hero of the U.S.). You will know that Tavrian Prince Grigory Potemkin founded Kherson (according to his will, was buried in Kherson), the main builder of the city was General Ivan Hannibal (the ancestor of Alexander Pushkin) and led the building of the fleet admiral Fyodor Ushakov (canonized).

Since the XIX century to develop lands of Tavria came representatives of almost all European countries, bringing their culture and way of managing, developing and promoting its territory effervescence - built shipyards, factories, ports, etc. You'll learn that here, in the XIX-XX centuries, were created powerful revolutionary-terrorist organizations, which actively supported the overthrow of the tsarist regime. That the Kherson region was an ‘information corridor’ of the revolution - through the local customs was the flow of banned literature (including the legendary newspaper ‘Iskra,’ to which there is a monument in Kherson). On the territory of the province of Kherson was born Lev Bronstein (Trotsky), Alexander Tsyurupa (People's Commissar of the government of Lenin, this name was given to the city Tsyurupinsk).

XX century brings a new reality - a socialist revolution, the establishment of Soviet rule, dispossession of large moguls, famine, industrial and scientific progress, the collapse of the Soviet empire, the emergence of independent Ukraine. Come to the Kherson region, flip through the annals of its long and eventful life… And you will see that with every century the passage of time accelerates by information and scientific progress that is increasing by dynamics of the fateful events. And that's why more and more key role in the history begins to play a person, the decision of who depend the future of humanity.

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